Second hand initiatives

PTF volunteers run regular “Rue Kelly” second hand uniform markets (view Calendar for dates). To be a part of this team sign up here. The PTF also assists with the sale of musical instruments, textbooks and private second uniform sales with a community subscription to “The Sustainable School Shop“. You can list any school items from uniform to text books, including sporting and musical items. The PTF pays the annual subscription fee so families can use it for free.

The PTF has a new initiative with WornUp to send away old uniforms to be made into new school desks. A “pod” for collecting old items will arrive shortly. Goods which go in the pod will be sorted into uniforms suitable for resale and those which need to be recycled into school desks. The PTF is paying for the collections and the recycling fees.

PTF Label Drive

The PTF is encouraging labelling to help reduce lost property waste.

Please order name labels here so that 25 per cent of every registered IGS label order (using the IGS school code of 2127 or the School’s name) will be donated back to the PTF and then to the Sustainable Futures group to use for their good work.


The PTF is encouraging Early Learning, Kindergarten, Year 3 and Year 6 parents and carers to support their tea towel and tote bag initiative.

The aim is to produce a tea towel or tote bag displaying portraits of the
students and teachers drawn by the children. For instructions and more information, please click here.