The PTF is Families, Parents and Carers to help fund raise by purchasing one of the many IGS merchandise pieces we have on sale.

Current Stock includes the incredibly popular IGS Keep Cup (in a variety of patterns) and the IGS International Car Sticker to show your passion and love for the school. This also really helps identify cars in the pick up line!

Buy online at the IGS PTF Store https://igsptf.square.site/s/shop?page=1&limit=60&sort_by=shop_all_order&sort_order=asc


The PTF is encouraging IGS families to get out and about with a book full of discount codes!

For over 27 years, Entertainment has created a local community with its Membership program by bringing together Members, Fundraisers and Merchants in a way that no one else can.

This year, they are once again supporting the IGS PTF through the sale of their books. For every Entertainment book sold via this special link PTF received 20% of the full sale price.

Members have access to thousands of great offers from business partners in dining, travel, activities and retail – across thousands of partner locations in Australia (there are even offers available in nearby Broadway Shopping Centre). Entertainment is your ticket to incredible experiences; often at half the price!

Please help us raise funds for the school by sharing this link with your family and friends.

Grab your copy of the Entertainment Book today.


PTF volunteers run regular “Rue Kelly” second hand uniform markets (view Calendar for dates). To be a part of this team sign up here

The Sustainable School Shop

For the sale of musical instruments, textbooks and private second uniform sales the PTD recommends “The Sustainable School Shop“. You can list any school items from uniform to text books, including sporting and musical items (a small fee is payable to the Sustainable School Shop for this service).

To view second-hand uniforms available via the Sustainable School Shop click here.

To view textbooks available via the Sustainable School Shop click here.

See here for more information buying and selling items via the Sustainable School Shop.



The PTF is encouraging labelling to help reduce lost property waste.

Please order name labels here so that 25 per cent of every registered IGS label order (using the IGS school code of 2127 or the School’s name) will be donated back to the PTF and then to the Sustainable Futures group to use for their good work.

Notices: https://parents.igssyd.nsw.edu.au/hubs/ptf/notices

The PTF Committee are seeking volunteers to help at the up and coming Lunar New Years Eve festival and the Primary School Disco.

If you are able to assist, please email ptf@igssyd.nsw.edu.au


The AGM is set to be held on Thursday March 30th.

All positions will be open.

More details to come.