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Bookings are open for the IGS PTF Lunar New Year Festival, to be held on Saturday 4 February, 2023.

You can now view the PTF online store for the lunar event here.

The PTF are pre-selling some items and taking bookings for the prosperity noodle toss and more!

The fun and festivities will take place on the temporarily closed off Kelly Street, directly outside the School from 3pm to 7pm.

The event is open to IGS families and the wider community, and is now proudly listed as an official City of Sydney Council Lunar New Year Festival Event, the largest Lunar Festival outside of Asia.

Working alongside Deputy Principal Wellbeing Mary Duma, the PTF sub committee has worked tirelessly on building this very special “welcome” event for all IGS Families from Early Learning, right through to Year 12.

Please register your interest now by grabbing your free tickets today. Bookings will help the PTF to gauge numbers.

IGS PTF President 2022


The Sustainable School Shop

See here for more information about the Sustainable School Shop, a PTF initiative to assist the community with the buying and selling of secondhand textbooks and uniforms!

Safer Internet Day 2022

I know this message won’t be the first time as a parent you’ve begun to get frightened over the technological changes between your own school years and that of your child’s. Personally, I get incredibly nervous when I think about all the new things our kids have to navigate online at a very young age.

This year, over 170 countries around the world acknowledged “Safer Internet Day”, calling on everyone to play it safe and fair online. According to an article published on the Australian Government website “Mind the Gap: Parental awareness of children’s exposure to risks online”,  1 in 10 kids have been the target of hate speech online – jaw drop.

What can we do as parents? Well I am no expert but I would suggest as individuals, we are passionate puppies, but as parents, we become ferocious bears. So easy to switch between the two when the situation calls for it. And of course, our children learn more from watching us than they do from the words we say.

This fantastic poster by cartoonist Elise Gravel was shared with our children in their home rooms yesterday, conversation starters used by their IGS teachers and it’s well worth a read. Before you post or respond online, be it in a What’s App group or chatting with your distant great Aunt on Facebook, take a deep breath and consider 7 questions noted on the poster. Could make all the difference at your next family gathering.

For more information on this topic, check out the parent resources on the eSafety Commissioner’s website

Have a great week,

Hayley Dean
Acting PTF President