International Grammar School Music Department invites students to audition for progression as part of the Music Ensembles Program.

These auditions will take place across a fortnight from Wednesday 1 February to and Wednesday 15 February.

Please contact for more information.


STEP 1 | Video Submissions | Friday 3 February (Week 1, Term 1)

The first step in the audition process, will require students to submit a video containing an extract from a set song list and the reading of a short monologue from a prescribed script extract. The video audition is inclusive of:

  • SINGING | Record yourself singing from the list of provided songs. 
  • ACTING | Record yourself reading a short monologue from the prescribed script extract.
  • VOCAL RANGE | Record yourself singing along with the provided tutorial.

The panel will require the recordings to be submitted as THREE separate video files for the song, reading and vocal range. Uploading will be available through assignments via the 2023 Musical Auditions course on CANVAS. New IGS Students will be provided with access to CANVAS on Wednesday 1 February.


STEP 2 | Dance Audition | Sunday 5 February (Week 1, Term 1)

Following submission of the Video submission (STEP 1), students will be required to participate in a Dance Audition. In groups you will learn a variety of dance steps and short routines with the Choreographer. Please wear comfortable clothes for this audition. These sessions will be in 45 minute blocks of time across Sunday 5 Feb, and facilitated in Year Groups as follows:

  • Sunday 5 Feb 10.00am | Dance Audition 1 (Years 7-8)
  • Sunday 5 Feb 11.00am | Dance Audition 2 (Years 9-12)

For more information refer to Music Department link below.




Following the upload of the audition submission online and participation in the dance audition, selected students may progress to the next stage in the process and may be invited to prepare a ‘callback’ audition for various lead and supporting roles.

Callbacks will be scheduled in Week 2 (Term 1) on Sunday 12 February. A specified schedule for callbacks will be issued on Wednesday 8 February to selected students. Callback requirements will be released on Canvas and students selected for a callback will be notified via email once this is ready to be accessed. Students that do not receive a callback will still be considered for involvement in the 2023 Musical Cast.


Click on the Music Department link for more information.


Musical Cast Announced on Friday 17 February | 4:00pm