Orientation Day for all Year 7 students and all new students in Years 1 to 12.

Early Learning Centre closed for Staff Professional Learning Day.

IGS Parents, Teachers and Friends (PTF) will hold a COVID-safe Rue Kelly secondhand sale over four days, offering different sizes each morning outside the Kelly Street school gates, from 9am to 10am:

Monday 1 February: Children sizes 4 and 6
Tuesday 2 February: Children sizes 8 and 10
Wednesday 3 February: Children sizes 12 and 14
Thursday 4 February: Children sizes 14+ and all Adult sizes

Back packs, caps/hats, art smocks and other items will be available every day until sold out.

Please clearly label all of your child’s gear to help reduce waste going to landfill.

To participate in the sale, you MUST comply with the following guidelines and any directions from the PTF COVID Safety Officers:

  • DO NOT ARRIVE before 9am
  • SIGN IN with the QR code provided (choose ‘Parent’ in the drop down menu then ‘Second Hand’)
  • WAIT until set up is complete before lining up on socially distanced places marked on the footpath
  • WEAR A MASK – masks will be available
  • USE hand sanitizer before and after touching items
  • TAKE a photo of the price list and bank details for payment – NO CASH OR EFTPOS FACILITIES
  • BRING your own carry bag
  • STAY 1.5m away from any adult at the sale
  • CHOOSE QUICKLY and move along
  • DO NOT CONGREGATE to chat either before or after attending the sale
  • WASH all items at home.

Uncollected/unnamed lost property items such as drink bottles and food containers will be available for free. Donation bins will also be available for any of your items of used school uniform

Payment is by direct deposit to the PTF bank account, using “second hand” as the description/reference.

Any items you decide not to keep can be shared with friends or dropped back into the donation drawer. Please choose carefully and only take what you need as access for volunteers to process donations is limited.

Your cooperation and care will help us hold COVID-Safe sales like this in the future.

The PTF has also paid for a subscription to The Sustainable School Shop so our community can use that trading platform to buy and sell second hand school items such as instruments, text books and sporting gear throughout the year.

IGS thanks the PTF Second Hand Volunteers.