The IGS PDHPE Department offers students a wide range of sporting opportunities to facilitate health and wellbeing, while creating a safe place for students to be active and engaged with their peers.

Providing students with a variety of vibrant sporting opportunities, students are encouraged to participate and enjoy these recreational activities while developing character, building resilience, interpersonal skills and strengthening relationships. Linked in with the sport, co-curricular and wellbeing program, students have the opportunity to participate in weekly training, various scheduled sports and external competitions.

For those students wanting to progress into higher levels of competition, representing the School in both team and individual categories, IGS participates in the All Suburbs Independent Schools Sport Association (ASISSA) and Combined Independent Schools (CIS) pathway schemes.

For more information on sports across all levels see the 2024 IGS Sport Handbook.


IGS offers a range of ways for students to participate and engage with sport and physical education. To explore the various pathways offered at IGS click on the tiles below.