2021 PTF Committee members

The PTF AGM was held online on Tuesday 30 March. Thank you to the following parent and carers who have volunteered to be members of the 2021 PTF Committee.
Adeline Truong, Community Services
Afsoon Kisirwani, Committee member
Andrea Belunek, President (until 17 September 2021)
Bryony Gerofi, Representative Coordinator – Early Learning
Cressida Pollack, Bibliothèque, Primary Disco and Sustainability
Helene Fogarty, Assistant Treasurer (until 17 September 2021)
Julian Oppen, Communications, PTF Representative Coordinator (High School) and Traffic & Drive-by Safety
Karen Roberts, Recycled Uniforms (Rue Kelly) and Sustainability
Kim Thomas, PTF Representative Co-ordinator and Primary Disco
Virginie Vernin, PTF Representative Co-ordinator and Sustainability
As we emerge from the disruptions of 2020, we are looking at 2021 as an opportunity to review how the PTF operates within the IGS Community. While our objectives and purpose haven’t changed, we are using this time to consider the activities and events we undertake in a new way. This is an exciting opportunity for parents and carers to join the 2021 PTF Committee and be an active part of this. Anyone interested in finding out more can get in touch via ptf@igssyd.nsw.edu.au.

Become a ptf representative

PTF Representatives are parents and carers who volunteer to work in groups to organise social activities for their Year group. Reps are supported by the PTF Representative Coordinator. They also have access to a Representative’s Manual, are invited to attend an introductory briefing and receive regular email updates throughout the year. To volunteer as a PTF Representative sign up here.