Nominations for the 2022 PTF Committee were voted on during the AGM on Thursday 31st March 2022.

Below is the 2022 IGS PTF Committee.

PTF Committee Positions Member
Executive Officers
President Hayley Dean
Vice-President – High School Bern Foley
Vice-President – Primary School and Early Learning  Sofia Zeritis
Secretary Melissa Wroniak
Treasurer Lisa Story
PTF Officers
Assistant Secretary Christina Mimmocchi
Assistant Treasurer Daniel Douma
Representative Coordinator – Early Learning Anuja Sawant
Representative Coordinator – Primary School Kim Thomas (K-3)

Virginie Vernin (4-6)

Representative Coordinator – High School Julian Oppen
PTF Activities Coordinators
Comms / Marketing Coordinators Julian Oppen
Community Services Coordinators (Teachers Gifts, Goodwill etc) Adeline Truong
Fund-raising Event Coordinators (Primary Disco, Lecture Series Kim Thomas
Traffic & Drive-by Safety Coordinators Julian Oppen
Sustainability Coordinators (Rue Kelly) Natasha Lai Butler
First Nations Coordinators Lucy Mendelssohn
General Committee members Moksha Watts
Kylie Gwynne
Patricia Anthony
Karen Roberts
Afsoon Kisirwani
Eve Villari                    
Svetlana Jovanovic
Cressida Pollack
Anna Rostosky
Samantha Panda Shah


PTF Membership is open to all parents and caregivers of students attending the School, members of the School staff, Alumni of the School, parents and caregivers of alumna and friends of staff or parents and caregivers. The objectives of the PTF are to connect parents, caregivers and teachers; support student and teacher-led initiatives; and provide services to the IGS community.

The PTF Committee consists of the PTF Executive Officers and at least two other Project and Activities Coordinators. 


Positions and description of duties 

President: Presides over PTF Committee. Attends IGS Board meetings to report on PTF activities.

Vice President – High School: Coordinates and liaises with the School in relation to High School related matters. Assists with PTF Committee.

Vice President – Primary School & Early Learning: Coordinates and liaises with the School in relation to Primary School & Early Learning related matters. Assists with PTF Committee.

Secretary: Responsible for taking & publishing minutes at PTF Committee Meetings, and maintaining PTF correspondence and files. Manages nominations for AGM. Organises PTF meetings.

Assistant Secretary: Shares responsibilities of the Secretary.

Treasurer: Responsible for managing the money raised by the PTF and all monies going into and out of PTF bank accounts. Reports each Term to the PTF. Keeps the books. Prepares annual financial report for presentation at the AGM.

Assistant Treasurer: Shares responsibilities of the Treasurer.

PTF Representative Coordinator: Responsible for recruiting and coordinating volunteer parent Representatives for each Class/Year Group, conducting an introduction meeting, updating the Representative manual annually and providing ongoing support.

Representative Coordinators for Early Learning, Primary and High Schools: Shares responsibilities of Class/Year Representative Coordinator.

PTF Activities Co-ordinators: Appointed to co-ordinate, execute and report on designated School community, social and fund raising projects and activities supported by the PTF.  Coordinator/s oversee a team of parent volunteers to assist with event/activity organisation.

For more information on the Roles of PTF Executive visit this link.
Anyone interested in finding out more can get in touch via



PTF Class Representatives are parents and carers who volunteer to work in groups to organise social activities for their Year group. Reps are supported by the PTF Representative Coordinator. They also have access to a Representative’s Manual, are invited to attend an introductory briefing and receive regular email updates throughout the year. To volunteer as a PTF Representative sign up here.

Current 2022 PTF Class Reps

Anyone interested in getting in touch with your class reps can email


Class Reps meet  up once a month for a “Coffee Pose”; A way of connecting together and sharing ideas in a relaxed, casual environment. Coffee Poses take place at The Yacht Club by Chambers, 2 Maritime Court, Rozelle on the first Friday of each month:

  • 5 August 2022
  • 2 September 2022
  • 7 October 2022
  • 4 November 2022


Early Learning Blue Kathleen Smalligan
Lisa Story
Matthew Davis
Moksha Watts
Early Learning Gold Howard Wilbury 
Early Learning Green Grace Tang
Natalie Caristo 
Early Learning Red Ling Tan
Nichola Gardner
Catarina Isola
Primary School Name
Kindergarten Blue Lisa Story
Tanika Belle Erika Tan
Feixia Yang
Kindergarten Gold Merce Pujol Rius
Laura Makepeace Jacquie Yates
Samantha Panda Shah
Kindergarten Green Alison Yap
Robeka Brosevski
Kindergarten Red Bryony Gerofi 
Suzanne Latham Lanie Basilio
1 Green Danielle Jenkins
Jessica Slater Patricia Anthony              
1 Blue Lesley Hambusch
Nicole Demovic and Emily Ross
1 Gold Chirine Dada
Melissa Phillips Lucy Mendelssohn 
Natalie Caristo
2 Blue Helga Tirant
Nancy Gagliano Michael Lewarne
Lucinda Wei
2 Gold Kim Thomas
Julia Preece & Sally de Gruchy Cressida Pollack
(Julia – Head of K-2) Lauren Kauffman
2 Green Erica Berchtold
Josie Nardella Afsoon Kisirwani
Catherine Maple-Brown
3 Blue Lisa Story
Lulu Sanderson Lucy Mendelssohn
Leticia Yuen
3 Gold Chithroobi Gunaratnam
Ben Mackie Mia Sharma
3 Green Danielle Jenkins
Mona Geppert Samantha Panda Shah
4 Blue Afsoon Kisirwani
Catherine Swinton Jessie Chung
Louisa Raggatt
4 Gold – Teresa Bertoli Kathleen Smalligan
Marina Cilona
4 Green Lauren Kauffman
Peter Adam (Head of Stage 2) Nivi Kitch
5 Blue Camilla Windfeld
Jessica Price (Head of Stage 3)
5 Gold Anna Rostoksy
Mr Bennett
5 Green
Michelle Weir Penny Arfanis
5 Red Kelli Haynes – Year 5 PTF Rep
Drew Holmes
6 Blue Virginie Vernin 
Barbara Trottmann Rebecca Jourdan
6 Gold Dagmar Koethe
Peter Adams
6 Green Kristie Mammen
Amanda Klahn Liz Budnik
Cressida Pollack
Louisa Raggatt
6 Red Catherine Maple Brown 
Michelle Sullivan Melissa Wroniak
Kerrie Hislop
Marika Reilly
High School Name
Jodie Blacker Liz Erling
Jacqueline Rosen Weisz 
Jessie Chung
Lyndon Kleeman Julian Oppen
Majida Hatu
Louisa Raggatt
Sam Alderton-Johnson 
Amy Cao Melissa Wroniak 
Liz Erling
Penny Arfanis
Sandra Veljanovski Jean-Marc Carriol
Year 10 Formal only Majida Hatu
Susanne Kipping
Sarah Travis Lisa Ogle
Lynda Hale
Ellen Tonkin (nee Woolley) 
Karen Roberts
Lyndon Kleeman/Ned Manning Cressida Pollack
Sarah Turner
Karen Roberts