The Silver Award is the second level of the Duke of Ed pathway. As in the Bronze Award students start the award by choosing an activity to do in each of the four sections:


  1. Voluntary Service
  2. Physical Recreation
  3. Skills
  4. Adventurous journey 

The Silver Award steps up the commitment by increasing the number of hours required. Students are required to log 26 hours for Voluntary service, Physical Recreation and Skills. The aim for each section is for it to be consistent work. Therefore, students should aim to log 1 hour per week or 2 hours per fortnight. Depending on demand, IGS runs a Silver Adventurous journey which will include the practice and the qualifier journey. There is also the option to complete the silver journey during school holidays with companies such as

Students will set their goals and record their hours via the Online Record Book (ORB). The ORB can be accessed via the link here.

For more specific information and ideas for the different types of activities you can complete please refer to the silver award guide for participants here.