The Gold Award is the final and most demanding stage of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. You can begin the journey once you have turned 16 and will work through the same activities of Physical Recreation, Skills, Voluntary Service, and the Adventurous Journey. The Gold Award includes the added experience of a gold residential project, which is aimed to build on any of the skills you have already developed. For each of the sections, the Gold Award requires 52 hours to be logged.

Students will set their goals and record their hours via the Online Record Book (ORB). The ORB can be accessed via the link here.

For more specific information and ideas for the different types of activities you can complete please refer to the gold award guide for participants here.

Useful information/Links

Due to Covid restrictions there are some updates that will allow students to continue to progress towards achieving their Duke of Ed award. See more information here.

  • This is where you go to log your hours and set your goals.
  • This is the Duke of Ed Handbook this includes all the information in detail about what is required.

See below guides for each level of award: