Since the beginning of time, children have not liked to study. They would much rather play, and if you have their interests at heart, you will let them learn while they play; they will find that what they have mastered is child’s play.” | “Experience first, then intellectualise”.  

Carl Orff

Building on the sensory learning experience from Early Learning, children come to understand the symbolic language of Music through singing, playing, listening and moving, with a curriculum designed around Orff-Schulwerk, Dalcroze and Kodály Music Education methodologies. These methodologies underpin the musical offerings and teaching strategies across the K-6 Music Program. 

Through the delivery of a wide variety of musical experiences, the overarching Scope and Sequence for Primary Music works in conjunction with our tailor-made IGS Music Literacy Program (K-6). ​​As music educators, sequences in learning are common in the IGS Music classroom, and one of the defining elements of an Orff-Schulwerk and Kodály inspired classroom.