Apply for Instrument Hire using the Music Application Form

Instrument Hire Conditions

In consideration of the school agreeing to loan instruments, the following details are listed on the IGS Loan Contract issued at the time of hire. The hirer is required to agree to and is bound by the attached conditions:

  • The Parent/Caregiver to email the signed Instrument Hire Form to
  • To pay the amount invoiced on the School Account each semester.
  • In the event of neglectful damage or entire loss, to compensate the School for the value of the Instrument or for the cost of repair to the Instrument.
  • To inform the School in writing within a period of 2 days if the hired Instrument or its case/bag is lost or stolen.
  • To immediately seek advice from the student’s Instrument Tutor, if the instrument needs to be repaired. Under no circumstances should any repair be attempted by any person other than the agent approved by IGS.
  • To return the Instrument promptly to the school if required by IGS.
  • To return a full sized Instrument, after two full years hire, if IGS requires for use by another student.
  • To return the instrument to the school at the last lesson prior to the student leaving the school, ceasing to learn the Instrument or buying their own Instrument. No refund will be given if the Instrument is returned before the end of the semester hire period. Instruments must be returned to the student’s Tutor at the final lesson of the term, or the day after the last event of the year (prior to the last day of term) or an additional semester’s fee will be charged.
  • To strictly follow the instructions on care of the instrument issued by the Tutor, as well as agree to purchase basic cleaning Items e.g. valve oil, brushes, cleaning rags etc., as directed by the Instrument Tutor.
  • To provide own reeds (saxophones and clarinets), neck strap (saxophones), rosin and replacement strings (string Instruments) as deemed appropriate by Tutors.
  • To attach a label to the tag provided on the handle of the Instrument case detailing the students given and surnames, current class and a personal family contact phone number.
  • That the student will receive weekly private lessons (not including Year 4 and 5 Instrumental Program), either with a Tutor at IGS or an external tutor. If engaging an external tutor, the contact details for this tutor must be provided to
  • That the student will join and maintain membership of the assigned ensemble(s) while using an IGS Hire Instrument.

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