This hub contains wellbeing resources for parents and students including a link to the IGS SchoolTV website.

Meet your wellbeing team, then check out the pages below!

Deputy Principal Wellbeing Mary Duma: 
Head of Academic Care Margaret Borger: 
Director of Counselling Services, Psychologist Joseph Degeling: 
School Counsellor Naomi McLean:

Heads of House

Head of House – Baado David Cameron: 
Head of House – Bamal Marin Rosandic: 
Head of House – Gura Gareth Douse:
Head of House – Kuyal Megan Sampson: 

Heads of Stages and Years

Head of Stage 1 Julia Preece: 
Head of Stage 2 Victoria Mills: 
Head of Stage 3 Peter Adam: 
Head of Year 7 Jodie Blacker: 
Head of Year 8 Joseph Clark:
Head of Year 9 Jarrod Martin: 
Head of Year 10 Tarek Taouk: 
Head of Year 11 Amy Cao: 
Head of Year 12 Lawrance Hunting: 

Other key contacts

Head of Early Learning Victoria Kirkwood:
Head of Primary School Colin Bird:
Deputy Head of Primary School Josie Nardella: 
Head of High School Anthony Dennehy:
Assistant Head of High School Fabian Mandrini: