Year 12 Drama Congratulations, you have finished Trial Examinations for this subject!

Next week on Tuesday 16 August we have a showcase preparation day followed by showcase night for your family. Be sure you have looked carefully over the Trial marker feedback. What can you do in the time that you have left before the HSC day? Manage your time carefully and realistically. Feedback is there to help you achieve your personal best.

On Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 August your HSC examination and hand in of all submissions takes place.

All students are expected to arrive at school no later than 7.30am on Monday 22 August for hand in, warm up and preparation. The same applies for Tuesday August 23 performers.

Your LOG BOOKS need to be set up in the same way we set up for Trials. GP log books should be presented together for your group. You will have an interview in the same way you did at Trials.

Your IP PERFORMANCE LOG BOOKS need to be ready with your FINAL RATIONALE completed and glued into the last page of your LOGBOOK.  The examiners will ask to see this.

Project students need to have everything ready; however you will be required to attend on Tuesday after the Practicals are completed, to finalise, pack up, label and submit projects.

The Group Performances take place first on Monday 22 August. Be sure to be fully warmed up, and to breathe.  Take time to tell your stories! Enjoy the moment. Remember that you are telling your story for the very first time.

You have all created fabulous pieces! You may be still finalising and editing final moments and that is fine. It is part of the creative process and it means that you are constantly trying to clarify your story for the audience. It is the same for Projects! You are clarifying choices for your audience.

On the day of 22 August, you will perform your GP, have the interview and then either leave, or prepare for your IP. The performance schedule will be ready but be prepared for unexpected changes, should they occur. You need to be in the vicinity of the Drama Centre throughout the day if scheduled to perform. You cannot go wandering and potentially miss your time slot! It is practice and focus time!

You will be given time and support downstairs to prepare. Project people may be checking last minute details. Do not hang around if you do not need to. If your IP is scheduled for the next day, you should go home to ensure you are rested and ready.

Rehearse your work but also be sure to relax. The HSC day may mean some long waiting times. Bring sufficient food and drink. Make sure you have had a good night’s sleep the night before. Practise visualisation! See yourself giving your best performance! Keep it alive and fresh.

Year 12 you have worked so hard for this moment. Enjoy it.

My focus for this Study Tip note is for the PRACTICALS and PROJECTS. We will have time to discuss the Writing component after August 23 when you will have completed 60% of the Drama HSC. Be sure to bring your best self on the day. Make sure you enjoy the crazy, sad, funny, quirky, strange, joyful, complex characters that you have created. Your audience and the examiners have never met them so be sure to make them clear and wonderful!

Good luck Year 12 Drama!


Tuesday 16 August HSC preparation day, with Showcase to parents at


Monday 22 August NESA HSC submission of Logbooks and Submitted Projects
Monday 22 August and Tuesday 23 August  Practical HSC Examination

GP Performance IP Performance

Exams commence at 8.30am. Be at school for warm up no later than 7.30am