HSC Drama Study preparation.


HSC Drama students should be in the process of finalising their Individual Project (IP) Major Work. 

Important timelines that have been communicated should be closely adhered to. Year 12 students should take every opportunity to show their projects and obtain valuable feedback from a variety of sources. Feedback to inform if you have communicated and achieved your creative vision is vital. Be sure to carefully look at the specific project requirements and adhere to the specifications of your task. Aim to be creative, bold and brilliant! 


Group Performance (GP) rehearsals and collaboration should be taking place at school and at each other’s homes. Show your work to your families, test out your ideas and listen to the feedback. You should have regular rehearsals happening at least once a week from now until the HSC practicals next term.  Create interesting characters and roles. Showcase your skills and tell a great story. 


You will have a chance to work on your practical submissions in the first days of the school holidays at the workshops that will be organised for you.


You have all completed the Written Essay components so you should be refining your responses and sending drafts to your teacher for feedback. Then set yourself the challenge to practise writing legibly under timed examination conditions. There are many past examination questions on the NESA website for you to access.


Be brave enough to show your creative work as often as you can to as many people as you can! They are your audience. Reach out to any contacts that have been suggested and take ownership of your work.

The next few weeks are crucial as you complete the IP and GP which will be examined in Week 6 Term 3 for the NESA HSC examiners. You will have a chance to rehearse the examination process and present your work at the HSC Trials in Week 1 next term, and then again in Week 5  for your family and friends. 


You have showcased your skills so many times during the Drama course. Commitment, tenacity, grit, dedication and risk taking are the attributes you now need to call upon to achieve your goals. You are almost there and  certainly very capable of achieving your personal best!