This term, all Year 12 Language students will have a formal speaking task as part of their assessments. 

Term 2 is a crucial term to consolidate and boost students’ speaking skills. Why? Because shortly after the term ends, students will have their Speaking Trial Examination and the real HSC Oral Examination (Click here to see the dates that were just released by NESA). So what can students do to improve their speaking skills? Here are some key tips: 

  1. Practise the format of your HSC examination. 

For continuers: 10 minute conversation

For Beginners: 5 minute conversation

For Extension: deliver monologues within the time allocation (3 minutes)

When practising, make sure to avoid using any English. For Continuers and Beginners examinations, make sure you know how to ask for a question to be repeated in a formal manner.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the marking guidelines

This is what teachers and HSC examiners use to mark candidates. There are no secrets. Understand where you are situated in the marking guidelines and what areas you need improvement on. 

  1. Practice with different people: make sure you attend the Breakfast session on Tuesday 17 May at 7.50 am (the week before your Speaking task for Beginners and Continuers).

This will be an opportunity to do several oral examinations with different teachers. This is a great way to hear different speakers, different ways to formulate questions and put yourself in an unfamiliar situation that would greatly benefit your preparation for the real HSC. 

  1. Make the most of the opportunities available at IGS to practise speaking in the target language. 

You can do this by forcing yourself to always interact with your language teacher in the target language. Don’t be shy, ask language teachers for extra practice!

  1. Read out loud regularly or even better, read out loud a script with the audio, as that is one of the best ways to get instant feedback on your pronunciation, pace and intonation. 

Make speaking in the target language your Term 2 resolution!