Very soon you will finish learning in your Science courses. It is important to approach the time between the Trial and the HSC examinations as an opportunity for consolidation and deepening your knowledge and understanding of the content and your ability to work scientifically. 

Effective study is vital in this period of preparation. Regularly completing past paper questions within a time limit simulates examination conditions. Compare your answers to the marking guide and seek feedback from your teachers to allow you to comprehensively understand your current strengths and target areas for improvement. 

Use this information to further refine your revision strategies, so that you can support your ability to apply understanding to answer a broad range of questions. Think about your examination technique; reading the question, highlighting key information, and planning your written responses before starting means that your response contains the correct scientific terminology, as well as being succinct and logical. 

For calculation questions, employing problem solving strategies is essential. This includes recording your thinking on paper, writing the formula being used and showing the steps of working out including substitution and units. This ensures that your mind is free to solve the problem rather than filled with all of the details.

Remember to use the past HSC examination papers available on the NESA website, Atomi videos and quizzes and contact your teacher if you have any questions.

All the best from the Science Department