When preparing for Mathematics examinations, the most important thing you can do is to practise! The best resources are past papers. You are encouraged to primarily use past Trial papers, including those from other schools, in the lead up to Trials examinations and past HSC papers available on the NESA website in the lead up to the HSC examinations. You can also ask your teacher for Smarter Maths worksheets on a particular topic.

Complete each past paper under timed conditions, mark it, then go back and revise any content you found challenging. Do this as many times as you possibly can! Write out post-it notes and flashcards on the more difficult topics and use these when revising.

Also, ensure you know the reference sheet well. You need to know exactly what each variable in each formula stands for and where to find it quickly on the reference sheet.

Last but not least, ensure your calculator is in the correct mode for the problem you are working on.

Best wishes for all of your examinations from the Mathematics Department!