Year 12 Study Skills: Music

The study of Music in Stage 6, provides opportunities for students to listen and respond to a range of music styles in written contexts to develop their aural discernment skills.

An important part of the process of study in preparing for upcoming aural and musicology examinations is that students ensure regularity with the preparation of music theory fundamentals, developing music terminology and language, and further enhancing their aural discernment skills.

At this stage in the course, the Music Department encourages all students to engage with online resources to further broaden these essential skills ahead of the aural-based Written Examinations in Term 4. Tailored software, such as Teoria provides students with the tools to study efficiently when building aural and musicology skills. These exercises and tutorials (see links provided) are designed to build knowledge and understanding in the following areas of Ear Training, Music Theory and Sight Singing. 

This website is free and allows students to access tutorials and exercises at any time. In preparing for Term 3 assessments, and our study skills advice across this term and into the holidays is that students should engage with these support materials each week in order to build their musical comprehension.