Examination preparation and completion of the major projects are at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the moment. Bodies of work, folios and creative projects are coming to their conclusion in Visual Arts, Textiles and Design and Design and Technology. This can be both an exciting and nervous time for Year 12 students.

With the countdown to these important milestones not far away, it is important that students are calm, prepared, and working to a manageable timeline. This is especially true with the practical projects and folios, so students are reminded to keep an eye on submission dates and prioritise their creative work and theory revision in a balanced manner.

In the meantime, the Trial Examinations are the focus. Preparation and revision are paramount in the lead up to this written work and the Art and Design team wish you all well!

Some tips for getting ready are:

Reviewing past papers. Preparing for timed responses is key. Get Siri to set that timer and practice writing fast and with clarity. Past papers can be found on Canvas or through your subject teacher.

Submit polished draft essays for feedback – are you answering the question accurately

Closely reviewing teacher feedback is vital, use it to implement changes in essays and improve short response answers.

Reacquainting yourself with past topics that you studied during Year 11 and earlier in Year 12 is the best way to revise.

Sharing of resources can be a fantastic way to ensure you are moving in the right direction with the cohort. Read each other’s essays and revise together. Sharing is caring!

Ask questions. Use your teachers and come forward without hesitation. Pick your teacher’s brains, they are excited for you and are waiting to help.

Remember, your teachers are here to support and encourage you in this, sometimes stressful period. Best of luck Year 12.