Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) is an integral part of IGS and is seen as an extension of the school day and home life. Our physical location sees us surrounded by Early Learning, Primary and High School and our philosophy is reflective of the whole School’s core values of diversity, personal achievement, connectedness, authenticity and vibrancy. IGS OSHC aligns itself with the Primary School’s IGS Way to ensure all children are safe, respected, cared for, and have opportunities to learn.

IGS OSHC values

  • Its connection to IGS alumni who help to uphold the values of the school
  • Seeing children develop as local citizens with a global perspective
  • The history and foundation of IGS being a language school and supporting children in their language learning journey
  • Respects the Aboriginal land of the Eora nation, on which the School stands, and supports our indigenous families.


  • Provide a safe, enriching, and nurturing environment where children can learn through a variety of leisure-based activities
  • Foster independence and a sense of belonging
  • continuously develop relationships with the wider school community and encourage collaboration between Educators, children, and families
  • Understand the differences amongst the children in our care and cater to their needs
  • Integrate the indigenous perspective in what we do.

IGS OSHC encourages

  • Children to be active participants in their own learning and contribute to the learning environment
  • Respectful communication between one another
  • Inclusion and the opportunity to collaborate and interact with children in different year groups
  • Individuality and diversity
  • Sustainable practices through continual improvement