The learning of music as a language is intrinsically linked to the Early Learning Framework and is interconnected to the importance of language and culture at IGS.

As a sensory learning experience, children come to understand this symbolic language through singing, playing, listening and moving. The curriculum is designed around OrffSchulwerk, Dalcroze and Kodály Music Education methodologies which is connected to the musical offerings in the Kindergarten to Year 6 Music Program. 

Music experiences are child-centred, using play-based teaching techniques and founded in experiential learning. For each child, this inquiry mode within the classroom, has been designed to promote curiosity, extend interests and build a love of learning. 

Through a variety of musical experiences, Musical Educators provide children with opportunities that foster creation, expression and exploration in extending their innate musical ability. Learning experiences include singing, dancing, chanting rhymes and making rhythms using their hands and a variety of instruments. These opportunities help foster an awareness and understanding of music, guiding children to value and find meaning in their own lives and those of others. 

The inquiry-based Music Curriculum is developed with a blend of intentional teaching and child-led investigation. Within the context of Early Learning at IGS, the Music Program offers a purposeful education that establishes a love of learning and a strong sense of self in each child.