The Beyond School Study Guide includes information on VET and Higher Education study options, how the Government helps with tuition fees, studying overseas and what student support services are available. 

Search for courses in NSW using UAC’s course search and The Good Universities Guide for a nation-wide course search. 

Email me at if you have questions or concerns about university or tertiary study applications.  

As a follow up from the yLead program, I would like to emphasise the importance of identifying and acknowledging your leadership qualities if you intend on applying for Early Entry next year. Your participation in the yLead program is something you can use as evidence of leadership training.

Leadership comes in many forms and you don’t need to hold the title of Portfolio Leader or House Leader to be able to demonstrate leadership. Consider your involvement in school-based and non school-based activities that demonstrate your strengths. 

It is important to reflect on the activities you have been involved in this year as you prepare for Entry Entry next year. Students sometimes take their involvement for granted in both mandatory and voluntary school activities. IGS students are passionate, idealistic and collaborative. These are qualities you should emphasis when applying for university in 2023. 

If you would like to plan your Early Entry applications for 2022, please feel free to email me at to make an appointment.